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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


This section contains frequently asked questions which concern the computer pool.
Thus a list will be created with some hints and tricks.
If there are other questions, please contact us!

  1. Why does the system not identify an USB stick as a mass storage device?


    1. Put the stick into the USB slot before you login on the workstation!!!

    2. The USB device will be identified by nearly all programs except the "Windows Explorer".
    But you are able to read and write on your device by using Microsoft Word or Excel for example.
    Thus you can put your files with the "Drag & Drop" function on your Desktop

  2. Which printers can be used and what are their names?

    We have got three printers in the CIP-Pool:

    1. "lj9050-1" - HP LaserJet 9050 - black/white
    2. "lj9050-2" - HP LaserJet 9050 - black/white
    3. "coljet" - HP Color LaserJet 4650 - colour

  3. Why am I not able to edit formulas in MathType?

    This error occurs if you want to edit a formula in Microsoft Word mit the MathType plugin.
    It says that someone is using MathType in the network. There are only five licenses for MathType,
    but it's installed on all workstations.

    Please use workstations #21-#24, they have got a license for themselves.
    This problem will not occur on these computers.

    Now we have a license for the whole university which will be registered on all workstations of the CIP-Pool.
    So on every computer can be used MathType at the same time.

  4. One of the printers accepts a print job but reports an error. What do I have to do?

    It's possible that the previous print job produced a jam in the printer.
    Before you try to print your document again you should go to the printer and read the error message.
    Wrong print jobs can be deleted by the help of the "printer management" (START >> Printers).

    Usually the printer provides the necessary help for the error on its display and tells you what to do.
    If the printer is running again, it will work up all accepted print jobs, and will sometimes produce a lot of waste.

    So please send your documents to the printer ONCE!!!

  5. Why am I not able to have a look on the calendar in the task bar?

    The time of the workstations is syncronized with a time server over the internet via our local server.
    You don't have the permission to change the time.
    The actual date will be shown if you stay on the time with your cursor.