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The Bachelor degree programme in Cologne

The six term Bachelor degree programme in chemistry leads to a first graduation qualifying for a profession (B. Sc.).

The Bachelor degree programme imparts the basics of the crucial areas of chemistry (General and analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry). The practical education constitutes a considerable part: the students learn to master and apply independently the essential work techniques and methods of preparative chemistry as well as instrumental analytics.

Furthermore, the students are introduced to the general maxims of scientific thinking and acting. This education primarily prepares for the Masters degree programme in chemistry. However, the Bachelor degree also permits the student to enrol in a Master degree programme in a different, related subject or to start a career in the professional world.

With a broad subject-specific education and the achieved ability to identify and analyse scientific questions and to develop and employ strategies for solving problems, both alone and in a team, the graduates have excellent qualifications.

The Bachelor programme is held exclusively in German, all further information is available in German only.

Please click here for further documents on the Bachelor degree Programme.

For further questions regarding the Bachelor degree programme please contact:

Prof. Dr. Uwe Ruschewitz (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry)

Prof. Dr. Ralf Giernoth (Institute of Organic Chemistry)