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CIP-Pool of the Department of Chemistry


The computer room (CIP-POOL) of the department of chemistry is located in a separate room besides the chemistry library. During the construction work in the library you can enter the CIP-Room only through the emergency exit door.


To use the workstations an account is required. Only students of CologneUniversity can get an account from:
Thomas Dautert
(+49-221-470-2917, E-Mail:


To use the printers you will need a printer card for accounting the costs.

You can buy this card from: Mrs. Unterburger, at our library

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday : Opening hours are the same like our library

Student assistant

Since August 2018 the CIP-Pool has a new student assistant:
Mr. Ioannis Panagiotidis
; Email:
He will be in the CIP-Pool in waiting to answer your questions:

Further information follow soon