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Research areas of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes, synthesis of and spectroscopy on short-lived small molecules. (Prof. A. Klein)

Customized synthesis and characterization of metal-organic compounds for their application in the preparation of functional inorganic nanostructures.  Molecule-based techniques for the growth of nanoparticles, nanowires and nanostructured coatings by solution and vapour phase processing of chemical precursors. Application areas include materials for sensors, photocatalysis, biomedical and barrier coatings and immunological response and toxicity of engineered nanoparticles (Prof. S. Mathur).

Synthesis and examination of polyhalide anions with complex crown ether cations as counter ions, in particular with radiographic methods. (Dr. I. Pantenburg)

Synthesis and characterization of carbides and coordination polymers, powder diffraction, structure-property relations. (Prof. U. Ruschewitz)